Serino Wayfarer

Quantity: Box of 20 Cigars
Size: Robusto 5" X 52
Sale price$192.00



The Wayfarer blend was first conceptualized on a three week backpacking trip Carson Serino took to Iceland.

While abroad Carson was searching for cigars because what’s a good adventure without a fine smoke. Upon visiting shops in the Nordic country he quickly realized the selection was small and mainly consist of the Cuban staples. Over the following weeks his love for the Cuban profile was reignited.

Upon returning stateside he quickly booked a trip to the La Corona Factory in Nicaragua to begin the Wayfarer blending project a documentation of all his favorite cigars from the trip.

I am a fanboy of a few cigars and this is one I can admit it. This stick is truly unique in my humble opinion, with forward notes of leather, a sweet creamy nuttiness, toasted caramel and baking spices I can only compare to a warm slice of cinnamon coffee cake. It is one that when I see it I want to relive the experience. When a boutique manufacturer is wanting to take you on an adventure it should always perk your ears up. Take that time to go on a short adventure and take your palate on an experience that is truly unique.

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