We are proud here at LGCS to be an official CFW Donation Center. While we do not have a brick and mortar shop we are still able to help do our part for those on the front lines.

We have 2 options on how to Purchase Cigars to donate to CFW:

1) Select CFW Donation on a Product Page. Excluding Samplers we will donate one of the same cigar that you are purchasing. We want to donate the same cigars we love to those who deserve it! CFW Donations purchased from Sampler Pages will be selected by LCGS and remitted on your behalf to CFW.

2) Select Donate a Cigar from the CFW Donation page. This is an option if you  aren't sure what to purchase for donation and would like us to choose on your behalf.

CFW cigar donation prices are set taking into account 2 factors, cost and shipping. As we remit any donations monthly we have to take into account our cost and a small percentage for shipping.

As a donation center we take any cigars you purchase for CFW donations or that you donate to us, package and ship them to CFW monthly. 

We will include in your order a CFW sticker, button and/or pamphlet as a memento and appreciation for your donation. Additionally the pamphlet you will receive will give you some great info about Operation: Cigars for Warriors and what they do. All these free inclusions are graciously provided to us from CFW and we encourage you to share the information and refer your local shop to inquire about becoming a CFW Donation Center. This wonderful industry is about community and sharing with others, why not support and share that community we all love with those who defend that freedom!

If for any reason you have any questions about CFW or the donation process please do not hesitate to reach out.

ATTN: Michael Wells


Check out CFW's Website:




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