Founders Roosevelt Maduro

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Size: Robusto (5”x50)
Quantity: Single
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From Founders,

”Our Roosevelt Maduro is a whimsical nod to the Cowboy Conservationist, an apt symbol of the best of American strength and swagger. This dark, medium-bodied cigar offers a combination of well-aged Nicaraguan & Dominican fillers and Ecuadorian binder, wrapped in a bold Ecuadorian Maduro wrapper. It’s a bombastic, exuberant smoke steeped with T.R.’s taste for adventure!”

Theodore Roosevelt was known for being adventurous and bold. While this maduro has those bold coffee, cacao and dark wood tones it remains very approachable. The Roosevelt is extremely inviting wether you’re looking to get into the darker wrappers or just looking for a maduro that has the flavor but not that kick to the head that many maduros can carry. Just like all of the cigars Founders offers this is an easy cigar to enjoy.

Blend Consists of:

Wrapper: San Andreas Maduro

Binder: Dominican Olor

Filler: P. Cubano Seco, P. Cubano Ligero, Broadleaf Viso

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