Espinosa Habano

Quantity: Box of 20 Cigars
Size: Corona 5"X42
Sale price$148.00


The Espinosa Habano cigar is the first cigar to be made in Erik Espinosa's La Zona Factory in Esteli, Nicaragua.
Although the cigar contains Nicaraguan tobacco, specific information about the blend will not be revealed.

Now if you are a lover of Habano wrappers or you’re looking to move into medium bodied this is a darn good choice. This baby boasts notes of nuts, toasted caramel, light spice and a hint of coffee. You know it’s a good cigar when you can have one back to back or eye them everyday deciding if you want to dwindle your collection one more time!! Definitely a staple of my personal rotation, make it one of yours!

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