Casa Cuevas Patrimonio Prensado (6”x48 BP) Exclusive LGCS x SSL

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Casa Cuevas is one of the great boutique brands we carry, if you have tried them you know. 

In their core line they have the Prensado (box pressed) version of their Habano and Maduro, in the process of creating these there is 1/2 a leaf taken out to be able to create the 6”x48 box press goodness they are and doing so creates a brand new smoking experience.

I sat down many months ago with Luis and Alec Cuevas and asked if we could do make the amazing Patrimonio, which has been a hit, in the Prensado. This idea was coming on the heels of an exciting private event that was coming in September of 2023 in Miami. An event with the Shadow Smokers Legion, a group which I am an integral part of but is one of the main reasons LGCS exists. The Family Within the Smoke had my back and helped push me with their love, friendship and support to open this business!! Wanting to do something special to show our appreciation and thanks of their support, the wheels in my head were turning thinking of what a great experience this would translate to. Well after the test runs were made, wide eyes full of love came together. This vitola is off the chain for this cigar!!! 

It takes the beauty of the Patrimonio with all of it’s Corojo deliciousness and brings a totally new experience. The strength is mellowed, the nuttiness and toastiness shines through with a light spice building in the final third and a clean finish. This is one that you can smoke back to back wether you love a medium smoke of a fuller bodied experience. 

This vitola is ONLY available here at LGCS!! This is a limited run so grab yours TODAY!!!


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