Espinosa Murcielago

Quantity: 5 Pack
Size: Toro (6"X52)
Sale price$49.00


Murcielago (Spanish for ‘bat’) is the cigar closest Erik Espinosa’s heart. To restore the original essence of the blend, he collaborated with good friend AJ Fernandez to resurrect this classic. Made at the San Lotano Factory in Ocotal, Nicaragua and repackaged with a smart and clean design to usher in a new era; the Murcielago is a beautiful box pressed cigar with a mix of hearty Nicaraguan fillers and binder, wrapped in a delicious Mexican wrapper. 

What can I say??!! Who doesn’t love the Bat! The first time I tried this I was bitten(see what I did there.) Prominent notes of coffee, earth and leather round out a darn good smoking experience, with a little kick of spice dancing on the back of your palate. It’s one that can’t be conveyed though we try, it has to be experienced. Grab one and enjoy under the cover of night because this is the hero your humidor needs. Also look at that band I mean come on that’s just bad ass!

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