Espinosa Wasabi

Size: Robusto (5”x50 BP)
Quantity: Box of 10 Cigars
Sale price$90.00


From Espinosa Cigars- Wasabi is not your grandfather’s candela, this medium to medium full cigar provides a spice note throughout reminding you it’s an Espinosa cigar.  The box-pressed robusto blend manages to hide the candela’s grassy notes, showcasing a combination sweetness and spice, that makes this cigar a unique smoking experience.

A good candela is definitely a gem to experience. The Espinosa Wasabi should definitely be on your short list of cigars to try.
Candelas can be finicky and should be treated like a fine date...with patience and respect. Take your time with them, smoke slow, savor the flavor, get to know them and enjoy. They house a wonderful natural sweetness along with the grassiness and a bit of spice. Give it a shot, just don’t expect it to taste like the horseradish-wasabi goop you get at the local sushi shop!!

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