Cigars for Warriors Donation

Cigars for Warriors Donation

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      We are proud to be an Operation: Cigars for Warriors donation center.

      Here at LGCS we are strong supporters of the US Military. We are honored to be able to bring a little slice of peace, relaxation and home to the brave men and women in uniform on deployment. Take the opportunity to give back a little to those who sacrifice so much to protect the freedoms we enjoy!

      A little about Cigars for Warriors if you are not familiar with them:


      A 501 (c)3 Charity Dedicated to our Troops

      Here at Operation: Cigars For Warriors, we are driven by a single goal; to do our part in making our troops lives a little better.

      We accept donations for the most requested items from our troops, these items are:

      1) Cigars

      2) Coffee

      3) Video games and game systems

      4) Anything you think would bring joy to our soldiers

      We distribute these items to combat zones and high risk areas overseas.

      Operation: Cigars For Warriors is Platinum rated on


      If you would like to find out more please contact us:

      ATTN: Michael Wells-

      Check out Operation: Cigars for Warriors at

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      1 product