Founders Hamilton Candela

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From Founders,

”This newly added cigar is named after Alexander Hamilton, who has been one of our most requested historical figures to name a cigar after. The interesting thing about Hamilton is that he was the chief architect of the American financial and banking system. Naming our green wrapper cigar after the man greatly influential for our ‘greenback’ system seemed only fitting! Hamilton also fought in the American Revolutionary War, had a hand in drafting the Constitution and served as the first secretary of the treasury for the United States of America.”

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Candela
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Seco Negrito from the Dominican Republic, Honduran Seco Piloto Cubano and Viso Corojo from Jalapa, Nicaragua


Playing on Hamilton’s role of being the first Secretary of the Treasury the Hamilton Candela just like anything that has to do with money is polarizing to some. The great thing about this candela is that it is not only very approachable but darn good! This cigar was my first experience with Founders at the 2022 PCA Tradeshow, I said to myself if they are bold enough to unveil a candela and it’s good they must have something going. Just the funds in your wallet you always need to respect and take your time with a candela, when you do the beauty of the candela shines. Coupled with the grassiness and light sweetness of the wrapper comes a light pepper from the binder and fillers to balance it all out. Don’t be scared to shell out a few greenbacks and have a unique experience that only a quality candela can offer. 

Founders Hamilton Candela

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