All references using “we” or “us” on this page or any page/document on the website is thereby referencing Little Guy Cigar Shop LLC and the owner/proprietor thereof

No Persons Admitted Under 21 Years of Age: By US Federal Law all sales, shipments and content can only be viewed, purchased and received by persons 21 years of age or older.

Age Verification: We reserve the right to require further verification to fulfill and order. This can include manual verification by phone requiring a Government issued Drivers License number for verification of age and background. 

Stock Guarantees and Quantities: We do our best to satisfy every customer. There may be times when products are out of stock or orders are cancelled due to shortages, damages, shipping anomalies, human error etc. In which case we may not be able to fulfill an order. We will do our best to contact you (customer/buyer all references using “you” on this or any other page will refer to the purchaser/buyer/customer) about such an occurrence and if a resolution can not be reached you will be promptly refunded all charges. There may be cases where you are refunded and your order is cancelled before you have been contacted as well. 

Orders and Website Accessibility: We reserve the right to cancel any order at our sole discretion. We will do our best to contact you(buyer) if such an event occurs.

We reserve the right to restrict access to our site at our sole discretion for any reason whatsoever.

Shipping:  Order shipments will be processed as received. We ship USPS Priority Mail with calculated rates. We do our best to get orders out within 24 hours. If an order is placed before 1pm MST it should ship out the same day (weekends, holidays, mail carrier arrival times and stock anomalies can dictate this accuracy.) In the event you require a different service or expedited order please contact us.

In compliance with State and Federal laws we can not ship orders to the states of Utah or South Dakota 

Shipping Damages: 
Damages in shipping can occur, it is the buyer's responsibility to contact us about any damages to determine the appropriate course of action. In some cases action may require you(buyer/customer) to file a claim with the shipping entity, a replacement item may not always be available or able to be sent, we will assess these on a case by case basis.  

Pricing: Prices can be subject to change at any time without notice. The cigar industry is a fluid(always changing) one, taxes, manufacturer pricing, shipping prices from distribution and operating costs can change and in that event product prices/shipping charges may change. 

Buyer/Recipient Safety Responsibility: It is the buyer/recipient’s responsibility to take proper care opening their shipments, we are not liable for any injury incurred when opening or unboxing shipments/products/items. 

Customer Satisfaction: Cigars are a handmade product and thus they can have aesthetic or construction problems (tight draw, small cracks, cap or wrapper defects etc.) If you have an issue with an item please contact us so we can do our best to determine the best course of action. 
In the event you purchase an accessory that is defective please contact us immediately so we can address the problem and take corrective action. The corrective action may require you(buyer/recipient) to send the accessory item back in which time you may be financially liable for shipping charges but we will do our best to not have that occur. 

Privacy Policy:  We take the safety of your personal information and privacy seriously. We do not sell email addresses, names, phone numbers or any other personal information. All credit card payments are handled over a secure gateway, or through over an SSL connection. 

Please be advised that all credit card transactions will read Little Guy Cigar Shop LLC as the descriptor on your credit card statement


*Orders Packed With Boveda at No Charge*: Our policy of packing orders with a Boveda Humidification System only applies to orders of 5 packs, Singles and Samplers. All inventory is stored in a proper temperature and humidification controlled environment. Orders of full boxes alone will not contain Boveda. If other items(singles, 5 packs, samplers) are included in the same order, those other items will be packed with Boveda humidification, separately and appropriately in the order. Any questions please contact us at  


The products sold on this e-commerce website contain chemicals and other substances known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects and other illnesses. 

Tobacco, nicotine and smoke are substances/byproducts  that are known to the State of California to cause oral, lung, throat, mouth cancers, other respiratory illnesses and birth defects. 


Intellectual Property: Little Guy Cigar Shop logo is sole intellectual property of Little Guy Cigar Shop LLC in conjunction with Shadow Smokers Legion (TM).  Replication, theft or any other from of use without explicit written consent is prohibited.

We want to build a great, lasting and ongoing relationship with you so feel free to reach out with any problems, questions or concerns anytime!!




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