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Style: Sampler w/ Laranja Escuro Corona Gorda
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Espinosa is another brand that I just can’t get enough of. Wether it’s their lines made at La Zona or the Murcielago that’s made at the AJ Fernandez factory they continually produce premium cigars that riddle the senses and deliver time and again. 
If you haven’t sampled any Espinosa or you are looking to try the additional facings that we carry this is the sampler to grab. It comes with 1 each of the lines from Espinosa that we carry.

Your journey starts here and soon you will be back for a box or two of one of them, or hell maybe all of them. (Pictured left to right)

Note!! Laranja Reserva (Orange Band) Only Currently Available in Toro


1- Laranja Reserva Robusto (5-1/2"x54)

1- Laranja Reserva Escuro (5-1/2"x54 Robusto or Corona Gorda 6”x46 depending on customer selection and availability) 

1- Habano No 4 (5-1/2”x50)

1- Crema No 4 (Robusto 5-1/2”x52)

1- Laranja Reserva Azulejo Robusto Extra (5-1/2”x54 or 6"x46 Corona Gorda depending on customer selection and availability)

1- Murcielago Toro (6”x52 BP)

*Sizes may be substituted if a particular vitola is out of stock*

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