Casa Cuevas Square Peg Round Hole Sampler

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Do you ever look at a box pressed cigar and think, "how or why does this fit into the world of round cigars?" Have you been wondering what makes our vitola of the Patrimonio so special?? What's so different about a box pressed vs a classic parejo? Here's a chance to check out the differences all in one nice little package!!

Sampler Includes:

1- 6"x50 Habano Toro

1- 6"x48 Habano Prensado (Box Pressed)

1- 6"x50 Maduro Toro

1- 6"x48 Maduro Prensado (Box Pressed)

1- 6"x52 Patrimonio Toro

1- 6"x48 Patrimonio Prensado (Box Pressed) LGCS Exclusive Size!!

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